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Jiangsu Tianyi Ultra-fine metal powder Co., Ltd was founded on December 26, 2001. Our company mainly engaged in the research and production of carbonyl metal complex. It¡¯s the nation's largest carbonyl iron powder production enterprise. The annual output of Fe(CO)5 is over 10000t in our company. On that basis, the production ability of micro and nano-carbonyl iron power (CIP), iron nickel coated graphite composite is about 3000t. Our company has the most varieties of carbonyl metal composites in nationwide. We also produce Ni(CO)4(1000t/year), W(CO)6(1t/year), Fe2(CO)9(10t/year), Fe3(CO)12(3t/year) in small scale. In addition, we have the technique of synthetize Cr(CO)6, Mo(CO)6, Co2(CO)8, Mn2(CO)10 in lab scale. ¡¡

Our company has undertaken the ¡°National Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-Sized Technology-Based Enterprise¡±, the ¡°National Torch Plan¡±, the ¡°National Foreign Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project¡±, the ¡°Province Key Scientific and Technological Project¡±, the ¡°International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project¡±, and the ¡°Scientific and Technical Payoffs Transformation Fund Project¡±. All of these projects have passed the acceptance. ¡¡

Our company has won the ¡°Outstanding Scientific Achievements Award¡± in the national magnetic materials and devices industry, the third prize of ¡°Scientific and Technological Progress¡± in Jiangsu province, the ¡°Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Award¡±. For the ¡°Scientific and Technological Progress Award¡± in Huai'an city, we won two first prize, one second prize and one third prize.

Our company owns 31 patents, including 17 national invention patents, 5 international patents, and 9 utility model patents. We have authorized 12 invention patents and 9 utility model patents. We leaded in developing the ¡°micron-level of carbonyl iron powder¡± national standard. We also have undertaken the development of the ¡°super abrasive products with micron-level carbonyl iron power¡± industrial standard independently. Currently, we are developing the national standard for ¡°carbonyl iron powder used in food additives¡± and ¡°carbonyl iron powder used in the communications and electronic equipment¡±. ¡¡

The nickel, iron coated graphite composites was evaluated as national key new product in 2010. Micro-carbonyl iron powder, nano-iron oxide, nano-silica coated carbonyl iron powder (CIP) are high-tech products in Jiangsu province.¡¡

The research institution of our company is the R&D center of prepare carbonyl metal in Jiangsu province.

Jiangsu Tianyi Ultra-fine metal power Co., Ltd is one of the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, the high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, the high-tech enterprise in accordance with the new standard, the innovation-based pilot enterprise in Jiangsu province, the top 100 private technology enterprise in Jiangsu province, one hundred outstanding science and technology growth companies, the key cultivate high-growth of small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu province, the implementation of the Enterprise Intellectual Property Strategy plan in Jiangsu Province, AAA grade credit enterprise, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification enterprises.

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