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What you can do with Tianyi's products:

Product Standard:

1. National standard of the ¡°micron-level of carbonyl iron powder¡±;
2. Industrial standard of the ¡°super abrasive products with micron-level carbonyl iron power¡±

¡¡The application of Fe(CO)5:
  • Micro-carbonyl iron powder
  • Nano-carbonyl iron powder
  • Composite
  • Nano-iron oxide
  • Gasoline antiknock
  • Catalyst
  • Flame retardants
  • Photosensitive material

¡¡The application of carbonyl iron powder:
  • Integrally Molded Surface Mounted Devices

  • Microwave Absorbing Material and Electromagnetic Interference
  • High-Frequency Magnetic Core
  • Magnetorheological Fluids
  • Metal bonding agent in diamond and carbide materials
  • Security Printing
  • Diamond Catalyst
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Metal powder injection Moulding
  • Food Additives and Medical

¡¡About composite:
  • Iron, nickel or iron@nickel alloy coated graphite composites, they are used in preparing diamond, conducting materials and electrode materials.
  • Iron, nickel or iron@nickel alloy coated ceramic powder composites, they are used for powder injection molding metal ceramic and absorbing coating.
  • Carbon fiber-plated iron or nickel, they are used for high strength metal composite foil and high-temperature shielding.
  • Glass beads-plated iron or nickel, they are used for magnetorheological fluids and magnetic liquid.
  • Mica powder-plated iron or nickel, they are used for metal coating and absorbing coating.
  • Non-metallic powder, fiber, slice-plated iron or nickel. We can also design and develop on your demand.

¡¡More products:
  • Fe2(CO)9
  • Fe3(CO)12
  • Ni(CO)4
  • W(CO)6
  • Cr(CO)6
  • Mo(CO)6
  • Co2(CO)8
  • Mn2(CO)10




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